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Work Truck Websites & Inventory Systems

Inventory Advanced Features

SRP Vehicle’s Detail Section

Each vehicle in your inventory will include a custom image, representing a valuable feature of the vehicle and details specific to that vehicle. 

The section is highlighted in yellow below, it is not highlighted in the actual inventory.    

Window Sticker Creator

These are created from the vehicle’s information entered into the inventory.  Once created they can be viewed from the SRP or VDP pages.  

Dashboard Reporting

Even the best of websites will fail if there is a lack of visitors.  This is why every Monday morning you will receive our Dashboard Report via email.  This report shows the number of website visitors, to your work truck website, in the past 7 days.  This information will let you know very quickly the likelihood of your website’s success or failure.

This information is based on Google Analytics.  Google Analytics is a well-respected website analytic tool, one that provides an objective evaluation of your website’s traffic.