Work Truck Websites

and Inventory Systems

Each inventory is a unique and stand-alone inventory system

Primary Category: Dump Truck

Additional Categories: Landscape Truck, Construction Trucks

This allows it to be customized to meet your needs and market

  • Vehicle categories for your inventory are determined by the dealer
  • Vehicle categories can be a specific truck type (e.g. Dump Truck), an industrial group (e.g. Construction Trucks), or even descriptive (e.g. 3/4 Ton Pickup)
  • Each vehicle can be assigned to multiple categories
Our Inventory Can Include More Than Work Trucks

If your inventory includes more than work trucks, we have your inventory. 

Industrial Equipment, Farm Equipment, Vehicle Attachments, Services, Parts, Trailers, Rental Vehicles, Big Rigs, Off Road Vehicles, Emergency Vehicles....

Search Results Page’s – Image Search Option

Above is an example of our Image Search. It is a little different than other companies. Here is why!

  1. The dealer decides what is to be included in the search and a search option is not required to be a vehicle.  Options can be added or deleted as needed.
  2. The dealer decides the order of appearance of the search options. The order can be changed as needed.  
  3. The  images used for the search option can be our standard images or images provided by the dealer.

Home Page Search Options

Our Truck Type Search Can Originate From Any Webpage.  Including Your Existing Website!

See examples of various drop-down search options and image search examples at our demo inventory. 

These search options are active and will take you to our demo inventory. 

Image Search Example

Equipment Trailer

Pickup Search Options

This section is an example of capacity based search. This finds every pickup in your inventory based on a specific capacity, regardless of the manufacturer or model.

1/2 Ton Pickups
3/4 Ton Pickups
1 Ton Pickups

These search options are active and clicking on a truck will take you to our demo inventory. 

Dealer Dashboard

Having A Work Truck Inventory and/or Website
Does Not Guarantee Success.
You Need To Know How It Is Performing.

Otherwise you leave yourself exposed.

Our Dealer Dashboard Option Will Email A Website Analytical Report To You Weekly

  • The report shows the Number of Visitors and the number of New Visitors to your website in the past 7 days. This is a Google Analytics report.
  • The report shows the Most Searched Truck Types for the last month. This tallies the number of times visitors select a truck type for their inventory search.
  • Details Reports are available for each section and will show additional details and in-depth information.