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Work Truck Websites & Inventory Systems

Our Inventory System Is Done ONE Way,
Your Way!

Similar to this well known toy, our inventory has set pieces, but how you put them together is up to you. 

First, We Build a Set of Inclusion Rules for Adding Vehicles to Your Inventory

Some inventory providers simply include every truck in the retail inventory in your work truck inventory. Other providers build your inventory by only including selected models. 
In our opinion both ways are inadequate. 
Work Truck ONE builds your work truck inventory by selecting only your work-truck grade vehicles.  We do this through a set of inclusion  rules, you establish, for your inventory build.

Here is a Common Set of Inclusion Rules:

Include all vehicles designated with a Fleet stock number or a Fleet code.

Include all chassis cabs, cutaways, upfits, cargo vans, F-450 pickups and F-350 pickups.

Include F-250 pickups that are Oxford White or have either the Max Tow or Snowplow Prep package.

Include F-150 pickups that are Oxford White with either a XL or XLT trim line, as well as the hybrid or electric models.

Some dealers include their used inventory, which has a unique set of inclusion rules.

These rules can change as needed. 





This takes a little more work on our part, but we believe it is worth it for our dealers.

Next, You Decide What Truck Type Searches to Include in Your Inventory

Some inventory providers tell you what truck types can be included, others offer no truck type options at all.  
You tell us what truck types (and more) that you want for your inventory.  These can be changed as needed.

Include the Common Truck Types, Examples Below

To the Less Common Truck Types, Examples Below

To the Non-Trucks, Non-Vehicles and Even Accessories, Examples Below

Our Inventory Provides Information The Work Truck Buyer Wants

Work Truck Buyer’s vehicle needs are different than that of the retail buyer, as is the vehicle information they need.  
We try to give them what then want. 
(Example Of Our Search Results Page)
Our work truck inventory offers information like:
 Relevant Truck Titles, Upfit Body Information, GVWR, GCWR (Pickups), Wheelbase, Cab-to-Axle (Chassis & Cutaways), Rear Axle Information, and more.

A Landing Page is An Important Piece of the Puzzle, Too

Not Every Buyer Visiting Your Website Will Know Your Dealership.   
Landing Page Will Provide the Buyer Valuable Information
About Your Work Truck Dealership’s Experience and Capabilities.
(Example Website Home Page, Included In Our Advanced Marketing Package)

Finally, Consider the Value of Your Time

We Include Valuable Inventory Tools.
These Tools Save You Time and Can Make Your Life Easier and Your Success More Achievable.
Dashboard Report – Summary Version
You can have a great website, but if your marketing efforts are not generating website traffic, it will fail, and so might you. This information will be emailed to you weekly.
Commercial Truck Trader Updating
Our inventory system can update Commercial Truck Trader automatically every night. This ensures the inventory shown on Commercial Truck Trader is correct.
Valuable Inventory Routines
Our work truck inventory system offers many features.  These features are either valuable to the work truck buyer or you, the dealership.  Below are a few such features.

Fulfilling a Work Truck Buyer’s Needs is Your Ticket to Success

Work Truck Pros is part of Advanced Integration Technologies (AIT).  AIT has been helping companies manage and control their warehouse inventories since 1994. In 2005, we brought our inventory knowledge and know how together to create a work truck inventory system for dealer’s websites.

The inventory created is an excellent marketing tool for your work truck inventory. It is one of the most comprehensive marketing solutions for work trucks on the market today.

Most of our competitors stop there, but marketing is only part of the solution.  Inventory management is the other part. You will find that our extensive management reports provide helpful, insightful information about your inventory.  This information can help you make informed stocking decisions, so you have the right trucks at the right time.