Work Truck Inventory Systems
& Websites

Work Truck Inventory Features

Truck Type Searches To Be Included

SRP Offers In-Line Dealership Ads 

SRP Truck Ads Offer Buyers Valuable Information

You decide what truck-type search options are to be included in your inventory.  These can be changed as needed.  

You can include in-line ads on your Search Results Page. You decide what the ads include and if a website link is to be included.   

Work truck buyers require different Information than retail buyers. Our inventory offers more commercial related information.  (e.g. GVWR,  wheelbase, Cab-to-Axle, Rear Axle Ratio, Upfit Body Information, … )

Pickup Search by Capacity

Your Inventory Can Include Unique Items

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The selected capacity search will find every vehicle in your inventory based on that capacity, regardless of the manufacturer or model.

If you find your dealership in possession of unique vehicles or items these can be added to your inventory, along with their unique search option name.  

Your work truck inventory, and landing page if you have that option, will appear as an integrated part of your retail website, but in actuality, it is a stand-alone website, as it has its unique domain name.  This is required for SEO generation.