Work Truck Inventory Systems
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Dashboard Report Option

You can have the best website in the world but if your marketing efforts are not generating traffic to your site, it will fail, and so might you. This is exactly why we provide this report.

It is based on Google Analytics and is an objective measurement of your website’s traffic. 

Google Analytics is the Gold Standard for analytic tools.

Website Traffic Report

Our Dashboard report shows your past week’s website traffic, along with the past few months.  This offers you the opportunity to evaluate the results and modify your marketing efforts when needed to ensure your success.

Monthly Truck Type Interest Report

This report is based on our inventory’s analytics.  It shows the number of times each truck type was selected as a search criteria, for the previous month.  This helps you gauge the interest of the buyer’s searching your inventory.

Inventory Aging Report

This report shows your inventory based on aging, oldest to newest. The number in parentheses, found under the “Floor Plan Info” header, is the number of days in inventory for the vehicle.