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Work Truck Inventory Systems & Websites

Our Work Truck Website Helps You Sell More Trucks

– Here is How in 3 Steps –

Step 1:  It Starts With The Landing Page

Many Buyers Visiting Your Website Will NOT Know Your Work Truck Dealership.
A Landing Page Will Provide These Buyer Valuable Information
About Your Work Truck Dealership’s Services, Experience and Capabilities.

This is an example of a Landing. Dealership Logo and Information Goes in this Banner Section

(This is an example of one of our more popular website templates.)

Step 2:  Immediate Truck Search Results With Quick Search

Our Quick Search can appear on any webpage, including your retail webpages.  It appears on the Landing page above. 

In 1-Click the buyer will find everything in your work truck inventory that matches their work truck needs.

Our 1-Click Quick Search can be either image or textual. 

Step 3:  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your work truck website will appear as an integrated part of your retail website, but in actuality it is a stand along website, with its own domain name.

This domain name is licensed to your dealership and yours to keep.  It is the domain name that is the recipient of SEO.

In 6 to 12 months Google and other search engines will have found your website and it will start to appear in work truck related searches.  Providing more leads for your dealership.

Our Inventory Includes Many Valuable Tools

Tools That Save You Time, Makes Your Life Easier and Your Success More Achievable.
Dashboard Report – Summary Version
You can have a great website, but if your marketing efforts are not generating website traffic, it will fail, and so might you. This information will be emailed to you weekly.
Commercial Truck Trader Updating
Our inventory system can update Commercial Truck Trader automatically every night. This ensures the inventory shown on Commercial Truck Trader is correct.
Valuable Inventory Routines
Our work truck inventory system offers many features.  These features are either valuable to the work truck buyer or you, the dealership.  Below are a few such features.
See details of these routines under the Inventory Features Section. 

Work Truck One Your Ticket to Success

Work Truck Pros is part of Advanced Integration Technologies (AIT).  AIT has been helping companies manage and control their warehouse inventories since 1994. In 2005, we brought our inventory knowledge and know how together to create a work truck inventory system for dealer’s websites.

The inventory created is an excellent marketing tool for your work truck inventory. It is one of the most comprehensive marketing solutions for work trucks on the market today.

Most of our competitors stop there, but marketing is only part of the solution.  Inventory management is the other part. You will find that our extensive management reports provide helpful, insightful information about your inventory.  This information can help you make informed stocking decisions, so you have the right trucks at the right time.