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Work Truck Inventory Systems & Websites

Inventory Features

Your inventory categories can be customized to meet your inventory needs

  • Your vehicle categories are determined by you and these categories are up to your imagination. 
    • Typical truck types (e.g. Dump Truck, Service Truck, Landscape Truck, …)
    • Industry groups (e.g. Construction, Oil Field, Utility, Emergency, … )
    • Descriptive (e.g. 3/4 Ton Pickup, 1 Ton, HD Towing, …)
  • Each vehicle will be assigned a primary category and any number of secondary categories, like the truck below.

The Primary Category Is: Dump Truck
The Secondary Categories Might Be: Landscape Truck, Construction Trucks, …

Your Inventory Can Include More Than Work Trucks

Our inventory is flexible enough to include all types of vehicles and even non-vehicles. 

Industrial Equipment, Farm Equipment, Vehicle Attachments, Services, Parts, Trailers, Rental Vehicles, Big Rigs, Off Road Vehicles, Emergency Vehicles....