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Work Truck Inventory Systems for your website

Inventory Features

You Are Unique!

Your market, your people, your inventory, …, makes you that way.

Your inventory will be customize to emphasize your uniqueness!

Your Truck Type Search Options

These Searches Can Originate From Any Webpage, Including Your Existing Website!

Drop Down or Text Search Options

1-Ton Pickup

Image Search Options

Your inventory will be customized for your dealership

  • Your vehicle categories are determined by you and these categories are up to your imagination. 
    • Typical truck types (e.g. Dump Truck, Service Truck, Landscape Truck, …)
    • Industry groups (e.g. Construction, Oil Field, Utility, Emergency, … )
    • Descriptive (e.g. 3/4 Ton Pickup, 1 Ton, HD Towing, …)
  • Each vehicle will be assigned a primary category and any number of secondary categories, like the truck below.

The Primary Category Is: Dump Truck
The Secondary Categories Might Be: Landscape Truck, Construction Trucks, …

Your Inventory Can Include More Than Work Trucks

Our inventory is flexible enough to include all types of vehicles and even non-vehicles. 

Industrial Equipment, Farm Equipment, Vehicle Attachments, Services, Parts, Trailers, Rental Vehicles, Big Rigs, Off Road Vehicles, Emergency Vehicles....

Your Image Search Option For The Search Results Page’s

  • You decide what is to be included in this search.
  • You decide the order of appearance .
  • The images can be our standard images or custom images you provide.

Advanced Inventory Search Options

1 Ton Pickups
3/4 Ton Pickups
Accessory or Body Searches
Vehicle Feature Searches

These are example of advanced search options.  Others are available, please contact us about your needs. 

Coming Soon Routine

This routine is for dealers that have their inventory updated automatically by a data feed from their DMS.  This routine can show all vehicles that will soon be part of your inventory, which includes vehicles that are not yet in the DMS.  This insures potential buyers are aware of these vehicles, even if they are not yet on-the-ground. Sell it sooner, re-order it sooner!

“Sold” Banner Routine

Like most “Sold” routines, our system will let a sold vehicle remain in your inventory, with a sold tag, for a set amount of time.  Unlike other systems, our inventory lets you select how long the vehicle remains in your inventory, as sold.  It can be from 1 day to 360 days.  

Search Results Page (SRP) Ads

Include in-line ads on the SRP. These won’t be missed by the buyer. 

(This example includes the Advanced Marketing option of a relevant image and valuable truck information.)