Work Truck Inventory Systems
& Websites

Work Truck Zone Offers You

An inventory built from your commercial-grade vehicles.

Each vehicle is classified by its type, (e.g. Chassis,  Service Truck, Box Truck, …).

A truck-type search that can be added to any existing webpage. 

Starting at $249/Month(*)

*No long-term contract required. 

An inventory of your commercial-grade vehicles

We do this by including only vehicles you consider commercial-grade.

We do this through a set of inclusion rules, you establish for us. 
Once established our system uses them to build your inventory.
These rules can be updated as needed.

Vehicles are classified by their truck-type

These are just a few common truck-type examples.
You decide what truck-types to use for your inventory.
Truck-types can be added and removed as needed.

Our search options can be included on any webpage

Here are a couple of search option types you can consider. 

Image based examples

Clicking any truck-type image will take you to our demo inventory, which will show vehicles matching the truck-type selected. 

Live Drop-Down Menu Example

Position your mouse over “View All” to view the full effect. Clicking any truck type will take you to our demo inventory, which will show vehicles matching the Truck-type selected. 

Work Truck Zone is part of Advanced Integration Technologies (AIT).  AIT has been helping companies manage and control their warehouse inventories since 1994. In 2005, we brought our inventory knowledge and know-how together to create a work truck inventory system for dealer’s websites.

The inventory created is an excellent marketing tool for your work truck inventory. It is one of the most comprehensive marketing solutions for work trucks on the market today.